About us


Maris is a leading translation agency in the field of technical and legal translation. Our company assists foreign companies to establish themselves on the Russian market.

Translation company Maris helps you discover new possibilities on the Russian market. If you are looking for business partners, participation in trade shows and searching for new market outlets, Maris is a partner you need. We offer you a communication bridge to your Russian partners making it possible for you and your partners to speak the same language. We'll help you localize your site, advertisement, technical and legal material for Russian speaking audience.

We understand that the main goal for a company trying to enter the Russian market is to deliver its product to the Russian consumer. Who knows Russian language best as well as Russian way of thinking and Russian traditions? The answer is simple–only a Russian company in Russia! A company whose staff lives and works in Russia.

We'll be happy to help you speak with you partners in the same language. Your Russian campaign starts with translation of your site and advertisement materials into Russian. Maris is standing by to help support you in creation of your Russian site and translation of initial documentation. You can rely on Maris on continued support in translation of any of your technical and legal documents.

Maris—Your Reliable Russian Partner for Russian Translation!